Sophisticated Hue: The Intro

This blog has been on my heart for 3 years. There are sticky notes inside books I’ve read, magazine clippings in my office, and several journals full of notes that have helped inspire and cultivate the life I currently have. It has always been my intention to share those ideas.

I’m a wife, mother, and successful account coordinator for a cosmetic line. At 24 years old, I’m proud of the life I’ve created. I’m often asked, “how did you do it?” To be honest, it was the result of a lot of hard work and a positive mindset.

So why now? Why, after 3 years of jotting down notes and dreams and ideas am I deciding to finally share them with you? I believe the world has a funny way of hinting when the timing is right.

I recently traveled to Paris with a best friend of mine, and was overwhelmed with the inspiration for fashion, beauty, food, and lifestyle changes I would soon make at home. I wrote these thoughts down in my favorite journal, and it just so happened to be the last page. It was complete. I looked back on the pages and pages of notes and felt it was time to put these ideas to action.

The first day back from vacation, I was sitting in a cosmetic training and saw the word “hue” 3 times. The next day, I went back to work and saw “hue” 3 more times. I couldn’t escape it. I wrote “hue” over and over again in different fonts, each time falling more in love with the word. The number 3 has always been my lucky number, and I (optimistically) took this as a sign from the universe. The time was now.

Sophistication is the having, revealing, or proceeding from a great deal of worldly experience on knowledge of fashion and culture. Hue is the character or aspect of a color. When you combine these two, they exemplify my ideal self-image.

Through this blog, I want to inspire others to achieve their dreams. I want to share the habits and routines that have helped me create a passionate and fulfilled life. I also want to have fun! I plan on posting cosmetic product reviews, fashion advice, and beauty tips so that you can feel more beautiful, inside and out.




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