3 Negative Thoughts I’ve Abandoned

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I suffer from paralysis by analysis. If I have a negative thought it can be with me all day until I sleep. After reading The Alchemist, I realized I needed to let go of those thoughts and follow where the universe leads me. I promised myself I would recognize when I’m having a negative thought, release it, and transition the thought into a positive one.

There are 3 thoughts that have hindered my personal growth for a long time. I share these thoughts in hopes that if you have similar ones, you’ll recognize it and send those thoughts your love.

Having Children Would Hinder My Career

I know, that’s a tough thought to admit. I love my daughter dearly, but as you can guess she wasn’t exactly planned.

Kevin and I found out our senior year of college that we were expecting. My initial thoughts when we found out were, whelp there goes my NYC plans. The vision of moving to NYC to follow my fashion dreams soon evaporated.

Being a new mom was difficult in the beginning. I wasn’t quite sure who I was, what I wanted to do, and I didn’t have the energy to figure that out. Something changed that I can’t quite explain. It was when Aubrey started baby talking that I knew it was now or never. Seeing her learn and grow so quickly motivated me to be the same. I mapped out my ideal career path and haven’t looked back.

I know she is paying close attention because when we get ready for bed she tells me, “mommy 3 step me too”. She is watching the way I balance life and is taking it all in. Having Aubrey early has done the opposite of hinder my career. It’s because of Aubrey that I’m highly motivated. The responsibility she has given me has propelled my career and personal growth. I can say with certainty, destiny and timing know far better than we ever will. 

Believing My Degree Would Serve Me No Use 

This thought stems from the first one. I majored in Fashion Merchandising from The University of Texas at Austin. HOOK’EM! After finding out we were expecting, Kevin and I decided moving back to Houston would be the best decision for our family. If I wasn’t moving to LA or NYC, I thought my degree would serve no purpose. 

I remember one night specifically, I came home and cried to my husband telling him I should go back to school and major in something else. It’s funny to me now, but those were real thoughts I had. I measured my success in a piece of paper and if my degree tied into my current job.

I have learned that your degree doesn’t define you. That also includes whether you have one or not. Although the knowledge I learned in college has helped me tremendously, I’m not exactly using my degree right now. I thought I wanted to be a buyer for a fashion company. Now the thought of sitting behind a desk all day frightens me. I enjoy working with people everyday and challenging myself to learn something new. 

Success comes from within. Find your passion and major in that! 

Comparing Myself to Others

Whether it was monetary, job title, health, or sometimes even friendships that others had I would find myself being envious. There’s a difference between being motivated by others, and being stagnant because you’re wanting to be like them. 

The real switch happened before my trip to Paris. I was packing and I found a journal that had photos, sketches, and magazine clippings. I noticed it contained images of things “I wish I had”. I don’t mean this as in goals, aspirations, or positive reinforcers. This was a journal full of comparing what others had that I desperately wanted. I was packing for a once in a life time trip, and I was upset by this journal. It robbed me of my joy. I recognized it then, and threw that journal away. The next day, I boarded the airplane to Paris and made a promise to myself: I would recognize and abandon all negative thoughts.

This has been the most freeing experience in my life. 

I challenge you to pick 3 thoughts you’ll send your love to this week!




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