Elly Brown’s 6 Keys to Success

A few months ago I had the honor of meeting Elly Brown, creator of Uptown with Elly Brown blog, at a blogger crawl on Market Street. Elly was one of several bloggers at this fun meet up, and she was instantly one of my favorites. Within two minutes of meeting her, I knew she was a mom, a follower of Christ, extremely goofy, and that she had great taste in makeup! It’s no wonder why her fans and followers adore her.

Elly has over 39,000 followers on Instagram, she’s hosted several appearances, and most recently was part of a panel for perfecting Instagram at the Blog Elevated Conference. This fun, beautiful, and empowered momma can do it all! 

A couple weeks ago, Elly was one of Clinique’s featured bloggers for a meet and greet at the Macy’s Willowbrook Mall location. To no surprise, this event was just as successful as her previous engagements. What impressed me the most about this event was that everyone involved in the process mentioned the same thing: Elly’s personable and humble nature. I find it extremely respectable that someone as successful as Elly still manages to be her fun and easy-going self. After our event, I asked Elly what truths or beliefs she had that enabled her to be so successful.

Here are Elly’s 6 Keys to Success!

1) Work Hard

Roll up your sleeves and get it done. 

2) Stay True to Who You Are

Always, always be you. You have a unique voice that no one else has. Let your light shine.

3) Remember Your Why

Remember why you started, and don’t ever lose sight of that.

4) Set Daily/Weekly/Monthly Goals

Having goals will keep you motivated and keep you going.

5) Have a Good Support System

I would not be where I am today without those closest to me. They have pushed, and encouraged me every step of the way.

6) Be Thankful

In the good, bad, and ugly. What I have is only because God gave it to me. So no matter what the circumstances look like, I will always be grateful.


There you have it! As a fellow mom I am reminded that we can be successful, extremely driven, and remain true to ourselves throughout the process. If you’re a go-getter like Elly and trying to balance it all, I challenge you to apply these 6 principles to your everyday life!



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