Celebrating My Favorite Month of Pregnancy!

Hello loves! 

A recent work trip of mine turned out to be one of my favorite trips so far. It’s difficult for me to explain exactly what happened or triggered this different mind set for me, but I came home feeling extremely thankful and blessed to be in this season of my life.

During this trip, I reached my favorite milestone in pregnancy which is the sixth month mark! For all of you moms or future moms out there, I hope you can agree that this month is pure bliss. So grab your favorite summer dress, throw on some tassel earrings, and celebrate six reasons why the sixth month mark is truly fun and festive. 

You Finally “Look Pregnant”

How is this a celebration? Well for the first trimester and early parts of the second you might just look a little pudgy and really into tacos lately haha. By week 23-24 is usually when my belly takes on more shape and is firmer to the touch. Clothes fit better and it is really easy to shop. This dress is a prime example. I know my belly is round, and I don’t need to try on outfits anymore it’s GREAT! I simply size up, go home, and love everything. There’s no more guessing if the fit will be right. By this time in your pregnancy you just hope and pray the hemline is long enough and not too mamacita scandalous. 

Hormones Have Leveled Out

I am by no means a doctor, but I find my best skin to be during this stage of my pregnancy. In one of my skin care youtube videos, I shared that I suffered from hormonal acne during my first pregnancy. This also led to acne scaring and a prime reason for my skin care regimen to change and become more consistent. Luckily, this second pregnancy was more forgiving during the first trimester and I did not have severe acne break outs. I will say that my skin is back to normal and one or two blemishes within the past four weeks. 

If you thought I would talk about raging pregnancy hormones leveling out I hate to disappoint. Those still tend pop up every once in awhile! 

Oh Hey Little Baby, I Feel You!

Feeling little flutters? Yep, it’s one of the most magical parts of pregnancy. You can finally feel your little baby moving and agreeing or disagreeing with your current decisions. I laugh and sing to my belly because I know he is listening and responding. If you have another little one this can also be a special time for them. My daughter Aubrey just turned three, and she loves to be silly and make her little brother “laugh”. She often squeezes my belly and gives him kisses or makes funny faces. Suddenly there’s a little kick or move here and there and she loves it. 

Planning, Decorating, and Getting Ready!

I believe I have my best ideas when I’m on a deadline, or maybe I’m just a procrastinator… Thankfully Facebook has the time lapse feature (which also makes me teary eyed when I see old photos of my daughter), but it was during this same time last pregnancy that I was busy getting ready for Aubrey. It was around the sixth month mark that baby shower planning, nursery decorating, and baby proofing the home was all top of mind. If you follow me on other social media platforms you have seen me go through baby shower ideas and even a mock of my soon to be baby shower invites. We have painted Gavin’s nursery and started decorating according to his theme. This weekend I plan on completing my registry and truly getting our home ready to welcome a second little. I LOVE to decorate and plan any sort of event. This truly makes me happy and has become one of my favorite things to do in life. Stay tuned for all baby shower details and our nursery reveal!

I’m Still Me!

It’s easy to get lost and lose your identity during any season of life. Pregnancy can make it really easy to lose your style and what drives you to continuously be better. You may feel tired more days than not, clothes are starting to not fit the same in certain areas, and your body is changing quickly before your eyes. I celebrate this mark in my pregnancy because I’m more than halfway through and I still feel like myself. My style has’t changed, just maybe one or two sizes up! I recommend finding one thing that regardless of any situation would make you happy if you could do it. I have a love/hate relationship with working out but once I do I always feel better. Regardless of the hurdle that can be a growing belly I still find time to work out 3-4 times a week. It helps to keep my energy levels up and allows me to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Last Few Weeks!

I know, I know, “will it ever be over?”. The answer is yes and sadly it comes before you know it. I might be in the lower percentage of women who miss their pregnancy belly, but I truly love being pregnant. My husband and I haven’t fully decided if this will be our last child or not and because of that I am treating this pregnancy as if it were. Days, weeks, and months go by so fast now that these moments are truly one of a kind. So whether you’re a new mom or soon to be mom, sit back and enjoy the memories. Smile, laugh, and capture more. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Go be festive!! 




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