Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Hello loves! 

First of all, thank you all for following along and giving me the best feedback with every post. I wanted to share a thought of mine that I’ve had more recently and that is to be comfortable in your own skin. I know, it’s easier said than done, but trust me life is more freeing when you just let go and live. Being 31 weeks pregnant has made me feel uncomfortable and unlike myself lately. Instead of allowing myself to dwell with the discomfort, and at times pain of the pregnancy from the weight of the belly, I have decided to embrace the bump and just go with it! 

I refuse to not be myself and that even refers to the way I get ready and dress myself. This outfit is non-maternity and the heels are also very uncomfortable haha. If I want to feel like myself, I am reminded to still do the little sacrifices and never be complacent. This does not mean I am always full face with makeup and hair done, but when the time is right so is everything else. Whether you are comfortable in your own skin right now try practicing self-love and that starts with self-care. Wake up the extra 15 minutes and put yourself together! Trust me, it’ll make or break the rest of your day.

I say this more as a learning experience for myself. I remember being a new mom the first time around and I just didn’t care what I looked like, felt like, or even ate. This time around,  I am trying my best to practice self-care now because I know it’ll only become increasingly more difficult with two littles around the house. I am starting to waddle around the house and even walk with my feet pointed outwards ha. Having my three-year old daughter compliment me every morning while I get ready and my husband as well sure does help to still make me feel beautiful. So wherever you are, whatever state you’re in, just know you are beautiful and that I hope you feel comfortable in you’re own skin!

  dress ,  earrings ,  heels , handbag

dress , earrings , heels , handbag

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