Balancing Attention For My Two Loves

Hello loves! 

These past two months have been an adjusting period for all of us as a family. Our newest addition, Gavin, had a very difficult first few weeks. I shared a little bit on his birth story post, but even after the first initial weeks we had more health complications that took a toll on our family. 

Throughout this entire transition my heart has been heavy for my daughter, Aubrey Mila. For a three year old, Aubrey is very intuitive and has given us no issues with her behavior. On the contrary, she is even more patient and understanding that Gavin is the priority during feedings and diaper changes. 

I started noticing that Aubrey wanted to be left alone to play in her room more frequently as the days passed. This made me very sad because although I appreciated her letting me tend to the baby, I missed her. I missed my little best friend. 

I decided to change this pattern and include Aubrey in EVERYTHING. Aubrey helps me with Gavin, my makeup, selecting my outfits, brushing my teeth, and even occasionally making my coffee ha. One of Aubrey’s favorite things to do is to help me get the diaper bag ready. I have tried to make this task fun by asking her as a “mommy” what she would like to pack. 

The Meggan bag from Lily Jade Co. has been the best diaper I have ever used. It is sleek, made of great quality, and provides enough room to hold everything for both children. This bag has also doubled as my work bag lately and I absolutely love it!! 

Enough of what I think, here is what Aubrey said when I asked her why she loves the Meggan bag from Lily Jade Co. !

“Because we put gavin’s diapers in them.”

“Because it is pretty!”

“Because it is fun to wear!”

“I want a little diaper bag!”

“And I love lipstick!”

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you have tips on how to balance your attention with more than one little, please leave them in the comments section. 



10 thoughts on “Balancing Attention For My Two Loves

  1. Jaime says:

    This post couldn’t come at a more perfect time for me!! My daughter turned three last month and her baby brother will be making his debut in a few months! I’m excited to have her as a little helper and hope she makes the adjustment well. xo, Jaime <a href=>Sunflowers and Stilettos</a>


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