What I Know For Sure

In my recent Q&A post, I briefly mentioned my favorite book, What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey. This book is filled with remarkable short stories that dig deep into the heart of Oprah, as she imparts her wisdom on her readers. The short tales are funny, heart warming, and memorable. She embraces each area of life and shares what she knows for sure. 

Since reading this powerful book, I have been inspired to jot down a few ideas that I know to be true.

Time Is Of the Essence 

We all know that time is a precious commodity, yet it’s still difficult for us to live with intention and make the most of it. Personally, planning my week in advance is the only way to ensure that I’ll be productive and efficient with my time. It gives me structure, but also provides freedom.

Your schedule might make it difficult for you to do everything you would like on a daily basis, but try to make the most of each hour. Plan ahead and put first things first. For work and in my personal life, I prioritize my tasks daily based on their importance.

  1. What MUST be done today? (Critical tasks)
  2. What CAN be done today? (Non-critical tasks)
  3. What needs to get done EVENTUALLY? (Long-term tasks)

Then, I ask myself if all these tasks align with my goals and beliefs. If they don’t, I redirect my focus. This can be tricky if you aren’t passionate about your career. Instead, find a way to have a positive outlook on why you continue to have that job. Is it for financial security? Is it a stepping stone for your next path? If it is, then it still aligns with your goal to reach the next level.

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t accomplish all that you needed for that day. Write down what distracted or hindered you from accomplishing all the tasks, and go at it again tomorrow. 

Time is quickly passing by and you have the chance to make the most of it, this I know for sure.

Wait to Share Everything with Everyone 

I know. Ironically, I have a blog and share most of my life with EVERYONE. But there are still ideas and dreams I keep to myself and have not shared. And there are lots of things that I’m only just now comfortable making public. Be patient.

I’ve had the desire to blog for the past 3 years, but my husband was the only one who knew. Keeping this idea to myself was the best decision I could have made. There was no pressure, outside influence, or anxiety on my part to begin and put the blog out there. I took my time with the content and web design until I was fully ready to share it with everyone.

I see this to be true with other goals and dreams of mine. I write them down then pray and meditate on them. These ideas serve as my motivation and don’t create anxiety for me if they’re not accomplished immediately. Keeping these dreams to myself allows me to take my time with them and dig deeper into their purpose. I’m able to truly question my motives and determine whether or not it’s a legitimate goal. Why do I have it? What is the purpose? Does it serve others? 

Most people would argue that our minds and hearts serve two different purposes. I have found that I need them both to serve one purpose, and that is to guide me on my decisions. I usually form an idea, then my heart will direct me if it’s right for me or not. If these two don’t agree then I don’t pursue that idea or goal. When my mind and heart have disagreed, nothing good has come of it. 

Guard your heart, when the timing is right then share it with the world and it will be good, this I know for sure.

Whomever You Choose to Be, Be It!

I recently wrote a blog about Becoming Your Best Self. If you haven’t already, go read that first! About two years ago I wrote down who I wanted to be as a mother, a wife, friend, and co-worker. I defined who I was and, ultimately, envisioned who I wanted to be. 

It’s a daily battle to stay aligned with who I want to be, and I am constantly realigning myself to stay true to my goals. I will say that whether it is fate, hard work, or a combination of both, the opportunities in my life have increased since doing this. I am able to remain positive because who I choose to be brings me joy. 

Life is rewarding when you choose to be who you want to be, this I know for sure.

The Gift of Mentorship

This idea was not originally in my blog post, but it’s probably my favorite one. Kevin was helping me take these photos one evening, and Aubrey was in her pj’s and happily joined us. At first she was just observing me, and then she quickly wanted to be part of the photos.

From the way she smiled, crossed her legs, and even posed, I noticed she had been paying close attention to me the whole time. I have been given the greatest opportunity in life, which is to show Aubrey how to live a positive life and serve others.

Whether we realize it or not, someone is always looking to and up to us for guidance. What will you show them? How will you support them as you go through life being your best self? Likewise, when you find someone you admire, you are challenged and encouraged. We are designed to learn from one another. A mentor relationship can be crucial to your personal development and of others.

In life, one of the greatest joys can be from learning and teaching others, this I know for sure.