How To: Blanket Scarf

Let’s talk about how to tie a blanket scarf, shall we? I have a feeling this trend will be very popular again this Fall and Winter season, and if you haven’t tried it already you’re missing out! This is one of my favorite ways to layer on top of basics to add a fun Fall festive touch. 

Hopefully, the steps are pretty self explanatory but just in case, I’ll briefly explain how I do it. 

First, find the two ends of the scarf.

Then, grab the two corners at each edge of the fold and hold the folded scarf in front of you. 

Holding each end equally in distance, leave the fold in front you like a large bandana, and pull the two edges behind you.

Then, cross both corners.

Next, bring down the two corners to lay on either side of you. Fuff your scarf to likeness and tuck each corner underneath the large fold.


Let me know if you try this fun and easy trend!