Stephanie’s 6 Keys To Success

A few months ago I had the honor of meeting Stephanie, creator of StephTaylorJackson blog, at a blogger crawl on Market Street. Stephanie was one of the bloggers at this fun little meet up, and I knew she had something special! I came to find that not only is Stephanie different and unique, but this mom can truly do it all. At the time she was a Store Director for Target, blogger, and held previous positions that can make you think, “hmmm…I need to step up my resume” Ha!

Stephanie has over 17,000 followers on Instagram, she’s hosted several appearances, and most recently hosted a girls day at D’Oliver Salons. This fun, beautiful, and empowered momma can do it all! 

A couple weeks ago, Stephanie was one of Clinique’s featured bloggers for a meet and greet at the Macy’s Woodlands Mall location. What impressed me the most about this event was how much fun Stephanie had with her fans. This bright, driven, and well-rounded mom still knows how to have a good time and just enjoy herself. After the event I asked Stephanie what she believes has helped her become so successful. 

Here are Stephanie’s 6 Keys to Success!

1) Be Intentional

It’s important to me to  be intentional with how I live life. My purpose and goals are a huge part of what drives me. Is what you’re doing today pushing you towards where you want to be?

2) You Get What You Focus On

This one kind of piggy-backs off of #1. Always have goals and dreams. Write them down and revisit them often!

3) No Regrets

Failures, setbacks, and mistakes are a natural part of every success journey. Get back up and try again.

4) Kindness and Grace, Always

Be kind to everyone you meet and even in  hard times, carry yourself with grace.

5) What Other People Think About Me Is Not My Business

It’s easier said than done sometimes, but I’ve learned to not breathe life into the opinions of others. Surround yourself with people who get it.

6) Work Hard

The hustle never stops. You have to work for what you want. Nothing worth having comes easy.

There you have it! I mentioned to Stephanie that her 6 keys to success resonated so deeply with me. They are simple, easy, and quick reminders to stay on your own path of success. I hope these 6 keys will help and inspire you to form your own success this week!


Photo credit goes to the extremely talented Aimee from Diamond Oak Photography. For inquiries please visit:  


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