Hue Shampoo

I am often asked how I maintain my blonde hair to look so cool or ashy. As most of you know, I am Latin and my hair tends to pull red or brassy tones when I lighten my hair…We don’t need a throwback Thursday or flashback Friday to show you some mishaps I’ve had along the way. 

What I can share with you now is my current obsession with dpHUE cool blonde shampoo and conditioner! This purple shampoo helps eliminate my natural brassy tones while still providing moisture and leaving my hair feel incredible. 

I give this product a 10/10 for the following reasons:

-100% delivers on desired results of a “cooler tone” blonde

-Leaves my hair feeling softer than before use

-Smell is incredible (which I’m a big fan of)

-My hair has more shine after use and is easier to manage when styling

This post is very short and sweet because if you have blonde hair or highlighted hair I don’t want to waste any of your time! You simply need to go out and buy this product for yourself!! Let me know if you try the product and what you thought!



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