6 Minutes to a Brighter Smile

Lately, I’ve been rounding up my favorite lipsticks for you all, which will be in a later post, and when I tried on certain shades I noticed my teeth weren’t as white as they used to be. I honestly can’t remember the last time I whitened my teeth. It must have been in college or even before that in high school when I was drill team. I used to whiten teeth quite often, but then stopped because my teeth became too sensitive.

As most of you know, I LOVE COFFEE. I have a cup in the morning, with no cream, and most days no sugar as well. Just straight black coffee mmmm. With my love for coffee comes slightly darker and stained teeth naturally. That’s why I was so excited to try this easy teeth whitening kit. In just six minutes I noticed a difference, there wasn’t severe discomfort afterwards, and I just had to share the results with you all! 

In your kit you will receive the 5 pieces plus instructions for use.

I found it really interesting to find my current shade and then track the results. 

This is the first step that contains five uses in the box. I found it relatively easy to open the rod and apply the gel directly to the swab and then my teeth.

This is the second and fourth step. You will read when and how much to apply to a dry toothbrush.

This is the third and fifth step after each use of the whitening toothpaste and accelerator. 

These were my results after just one use! I will keep you all updated after 5 uses.



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