Warren Adventures- San Diego, CA

Wow, seems like forever since I lasted posted a blog…and that’s because it has been!

Thank you all for the sweet messages and words of encouragement as our family grows! It has been quite a month to say the least, and I’m so happy for my routines to be back in order. As most of you can guess, we chose to take Aubrey on our last trip of three before baby Warren makes his/her debut in September. So without further ado, here is our trip to San Diego. 

First Day:

We landed and decided to take it a little easy since our day started relatively early. We grabbed our rental car and headed for Old Town San Diego. While visiting the local shops we also stopped to eat at Cafe Coyote. This place was really good, and had a full list of different margaritas to try. I was pretty disappointed to not be able to participate, but the food was still good. We did some exploring around the city and instantly fell in love. It kind of reminded me of Austin, TX which is where Kevin and I went to college and love that city. We ended the night at Corvette Diner which is a must see in my opinion. It’s definitely a flash from the past, and the whole diner is in full costume. The restaurant also has an arcade in the back and we had so much fun playing the games with Aubrey after dinner. 

Second Day:

DISNEYLAND! This day was full of energy from start to finish. Seeing Aubrey recognize most of the characters and get excited to go meet them was so fun. I think it’s safe to say, that I’m also a big Disney fan so this day was partially for me to ha. The bond Aubrey and I had on this day is one that I’ll cherish forever. My sweet little princess skipped nap time this day because she was overwhelmed with excitement. 

Third Day: 

A little rain never hurt anybody! That’s what our family thought, but the Legoland Park was empty!! I slipped on my Hunter boots and was ready to go. The rides at this park for kids Aubrey’s age were hysterical. Kevin and I could not stop laughing at the driver’s academy ride. This ride was for kids ages 3-6 (oops we snuck Aubrey in) drive around a race track by themselves. Each kid kept bumping into the wall or each other and the helpers would have to run over and readjust the kids. We could not stop laughing and Aubrey was definitely enjoying herself. I highly recommend this park for kids of all ages. 

Fourth Day: 

The rain picked up more on this day and so we decided to take Aubrey to a few museums and be indoors for the majority of the day. I can’t skip breakfast this day. We went to The Broken Yolk Cafe and the food was life changing. Yes, life changing. Be sure to try the banana pancakes and western benedict yummmm. It’s a lot of food so be prepared to share with someone, or not ha. After we breakfast we visited The Children’s Museum and The Natural History Museum. 

Fifth Day:

The weather cleared up for us this day and was just a little chilly. We started off with breakfast at Hash House A Go Go, again another life changing place. Could be my pregnancy cravings, but this restaurant was a WIN in my book ha. I ordered the cinnamon banana french toast, which is listed a favorite, and I was not disappointed. Aubrey and Kevin had several bites off my plate. It’s ok, they are still loved. After breakfast, we headed to the San Diego Zoo! We had a lot of fun imitating the animals with Aubrey and guessing what all they were. After the zoo, Aubrey was tired and we took a stroll along Mission Beach and enjoyed the most beautiful sunset. We ended the night at The Baked Bear. Definitely a must try if you’re in the San Diego area! 

Sixth Day:

Our flight was pretty early back to Houston, TX and we were ready to be back in our beds. We asked Aubrey was her favorite part of the trip was and she said “Belle, giraffes, ice cream, and the air plane.”

This trip was one for the books. I’m really pleased that we were able to take a trip as us three and have these photos and memories to cherish forever. I can’t wait to meet our newest blessing here pretty soon and have more adventures as us four! Have a great week everyone and be blessed!




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