Little Man’s Essentials

Hello loves!

Wow, I can’t even believe this weekend is my baby shower and Father’s Day all in one. This pregnancy is flying by and I am so excited to see my friends and loved ones while we celebrate the soon arrival of baby Gavin. I’ve rounded up a quick of my “little man’s essentials” here on the blog today! 

Any mom can tell you that the amount of newborn clothes needed to get through one week’s load of laundry is UNHEARD OF elsewhere. That is why I love to buy onesies in a pack pictured similarly above. This makes it easy to quickly change the baby and go about the rest of your day. Some of my favorites are from Carter’s which I purchased at Babies R Us. 

The next two items are just for pure entertainment on my part. My daughter loved her pacifier until about 18 months and I am hoping Gavin will be just as easy and take well to any pacifier. I found this cute Mustache one from Chill, Baby at Babies R Us and had to have it. I can picture him in my husband’s lap while both men rock their mustaches. 

The second item is inspired by my husband. Most of you know, but my husband is very into fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I found this dumbbell baby rattle by Fred&Friends and immediately purchased it! We enjoy going to the gym as a family. I’ll have to share more about the gym at a later time, but it really helps us a family to spend time together while still improving ourselves as individuals. We have enjoyed going to Paradigm Training Center for the past three years. 

The last item I have pictured are the cutest bottles from Twistshake. My husband isn’t one to say something is “awesome” or even “cute” and he loves these bottles. As I mentioned before, he enjoys fitness and these bottles look like protein shaker bottles! I think they are absolutely adorable and very convenient for on the go as well. 

 This post was in partnership with Twistshake. For 20% off your first order use the code sophisticatedhue20. 

This post was in partnership with Twistshake. For 20% off your first order use the code sophisticatedhue20. 

What makes Twistshake bottles so great? 


  • BPA-free – safe for both your baby and yourself
  • PP-plastic – manufactured in premium, high quality polypropylene
  • Teat – made from silicon, S (0+m) included
  • Mixer net – actively dissolves clumps
  • Anti-colic valve – reduce baby colic
  • Container – prepare your meal at home and store it in the practical container
  • Extra wide neck – the wide neck makes both refills and clean-up an easy task
  • Ergonomically designed – grip-friendly, for both parent and child
  • Dishwasher safe, Microwave safe, Freezer safe (Temperature resistance 100C)
  • DEHP & Phthalate free


  • ANTI-COLIC TEAT- Nipple with a natural design and four separate flow rates.
  • CONTAINER CAP- Seal the container with the lid that accompanies it.
  • CONTAINER- Practical powder box holds servings of up to 100 ml / 3 oz.
  • BOTTLE- The bottle comes in three sizes: 180, 260 & 330 ml / 6, 9 & 11 oz; Easy grip-design and robust plastic with great heat retention.
  • MIXER- Effectively dissolves the solution and prevents clogging.
  • PROTECTIVE COVER- Keeps dirt and bacteria away from the teat.

For 20% off your first order of Twistshake use the code sophisticatedhue20 

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my must haves for the little man.



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