Review: Eyelash Extensions

Hello loves! 

I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding a recent commitment of mine and that is with my eyelash extensions. I thought it would be a great time for me to share the pros and cons with you since I just received a recent refill. I also wanted to answer most of the questions I received earlier this week. So here it goes!

What did your lashes look like before?

Well pictured below are my bare beauties followed with the transformation. This was the original set and I tried the volume lashes.

What are volume lashes?

Volume lashes are more than one extension per individual lash. The place I went to knows me as a working traveling mama and explained the benefits of volume lashes for those always on the go. Basically, because they are more full to begin with you can go longer periods of time between each fill depending on the care you take for them. 

How often to do you get a refill?

After my first fill it was four weeks before my refill. Again, it could be due to the volume lashes as they do last longer. Around week three they looked like normal individual lashes which I really liked as well. 

Pros about lash extensions?

I love how easy and effortless my makeup application is, yet my makeup looks like I still took my time! Pictured below is a great example. I did my normal face makeup, but this time no eyeliner or strip lashes and my makeup took half the time. Most days I don’t wear eyeliner and just smudge a little bit of eyeshadow on the bottom lash line to add definition. I love how easy and simple my makeup routine is now!!

Cons about eyelash extensions?

You do have to be careful with how you wash your face and how you sleep. Most of you know, I LOVE skin care products and this can be tricky for me now with eyelash extensions. It is advised to use any products that are oil-free around the eye area and be gentle when removing makeup. I also used to sleep on my stomach, before I was pregnant obviously, and this could also cause the lashes to fall out easier. 

How long does it take for a full set and a refill?

My first full set took a little over an hour and a half. I only know this because when I woke up I checked the time ha. The process was painless and I easily drifted off and took a nap. My last refill took about 45 minutes and was very quick and easy. It also depends on your tech and how experienced they are. Mine has been doing lashes for over 5 years and is known for being very fast. Again, as most of you I am a mama on the go!

Do they damage your natural lashes?

Honestly, I’m not too sure yet. I will have to come back to this question in a few months and let you all know my honest opinion. For now, I would say no. l can see where the extension fell out and my natural lash grows back pretty quickly in it’s place with no damage. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope I answered most of your questions, but if not please feel free to leave them below. As always, have a great day!



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