Just Go For It

Hello loves! 

This past weekend I had the opportunity of attending BlogHer Conference in Orlando, FL and I am so glad that I did. I believe it’s important to be transparent with you all and really share some hesitations and insecurities I had before deciding to go. 

How can I leave my husband behind with a 3 year old and travel at 30 weeks pregnant?Is it selfish of me to spend this money right before having our second child and with two upcoming trips?

I can’t thank my husband enough for supporting and pushing me to be my best at all times. I think as women once we assume the role of a mother we subconsciously feel we need to take a step back in order to focus on the family, and this is the wrong mindset. You can never fully love another person, provide for another person, and care for another person in my opinion until you do those things for yourself. I am reminded of the airplane analogy to “place the air mask over yourself first and then your children”. Get rid of the thoughts that you are being selfish for making yourself a priority. Invest in yourself now, go for the plunge, and reap the rewards after.

Am I really a blogger?

I know silly because I have this platform, but we are still under a year on here. At the conference I learned that  the term “blogger” can take on many forms. This includes the way in which you communicate your ideas and what your passions may be. Everyone who shares anything with others could be considered a blogger as well. My own personal self-doubt and comparing myself to other fellow bloggers is only hindering my own growth. To my surprise, I was able to offer insight to new bloggers and even those who have been in the business for quite some time. Do not put limitations to yourself based off of a title or terminology. 

I don’t want to do this conference alone, but should I go with a complete stranger? Am I really going to room with someone I have never met in person before? Who is @lifeofalley and will she be crazy?

The answer is no, and if anything I am so happy our paths have finally crossed. Alley is full of wisdom, and jokes, that literally draw people in. I am so grateful to have met a woman who stands firm in her faith for God and her family. It is so important to surround yourself with people like this because in a way they shape you. Alley and I created a great plan and vision for our blogs and I am excited to have this accountability partner and new friend. 

Do I have what it takes to make this worth something? Not only financially but for the benefit of others as well?

Looking back on why I truly started a blog, it was to help others in similar situations as myself. I am a full time working professional who travels for work more weeks than not, I am a devoted wife, and soon to be mom of two! To my relief the the answer to the financial questions became a clear yes. I met countless women and men who shared their financial growth from blogging and the freedom it provided their families. Although I truly enjoy my career and job right now, it was so inspiring to hear the opportunities and blessings that could come from blogging. As a mother and wife, I struggle with the notion that if I am taking time away from my family it has to provide us with something else in return. I am happy to have built professional relationships at this conference to ensure I do just that. 

To answer the second question, it was also a very strong and overwhelming yes. Very rarely, and quite possibly only a handful of times, have I been so certain that a vision pops in my head and gives me goosebumps all over. That is what I experienced this weekend. A huge goal of mine, rather I should call it mission of mine, will hopefully positively affect the world and generations to come. When the time is right I will share, and for right now I will patiently wait and pray.  

Thank you for stopping by! 




12 thoughts on “Just Go For It

  1. Coppélia - says:

    Ohmygoodness, Brittany! I’m so glad I clicked on your story from the I’m So Blogging This FB group! I needed to read this today. I feel the same way sometimes, torn as a mom, working in radio full time, but wanting to pursue bloggy goals. I’ve been a little over a year on it. And I needed to read this today! We need to keep pursuing those goals and dreams and visions God gives us. They’re in our hearts and minds for a reason. God, be glorified in our lives! And btw, that outfit is AMAZING on you, 30 weeks pregnant or not! Haha! Love you girl! ❤


    • Brittany Warren says:

      I am so glad this brought you joy and motivation. That is why I continue to blog!! It’s important to be everything you want to be, with no limitations and hesitations. I hope you have a great week! xo


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