Our Babymoon in Las Vegas

Being 33 weeks pregnant in the Las Vegas heat wasn’t the first place that popped into my head to spend a weekend alone with my husband.

As some of you know, my husband at the moment was training for his first men’s physique competition. So both of us naturally were unable to drink or partake in what previous Las Vegas trips have entailed for both of us.

But one of my best friends was getting married in Vegas so we decided to go for it and enjoy what could be one of our last weekends alone together!

We landed safely mid Friday afternoon and decided to go walk around for a bit and relax. The best part about this trip was no agenda, no alarm set, and might I add no toddler! Everything from this point on was very enjoyable because it was just us again. That night we joined the rest of the bride and groom party for an evening at their suite in the Aria for pizza and laughs. 

Saturday we slept in for the first time in years and took our sweet time to go enjoy breakfast together. I honestly forgot how nice it was to just sit there in silence and enjoy my food while holding my husband’s hand. I think we both secretly enjoyed the silence but we kept talking and thinking about our daughter Aubrey. The rest of the day we went to the pool at the Aria and relaxed until it was time to get ready for the evening wedding. 

I am so proud of my husband who still found time to do his two workouts a day and record a podcast while we were on vacation!! During that time I laid in our hotel bed with my feet up and a skin care mask to treat myself. It was magical! 

My friend Lisa’s wedding was so intimate and perfect. Kevin and I talked about how if we were to ever renew our vows we would want a small and intimate setting similar to their wedding. There were 16 guests total and everyone felt like family. I am so happy for Scott and Lisa and I wish them endless years of laughter and love together. 

Sunday was a bit of hectic day to say the least. Kevin and I ended up making the wrong turn while walking to another pool. We walked for about 45 minutes to only find they wouldn’t let us in. Quite disappointing and the heat was exhausting. Our flight home was delayed, cancelled,  and then when we finally landed our luggage was lost. Despite all of the chaos Sunday brought upon us, I couldn’t help but smile and look at my husband with an incredibly thankful heart. 

I knew this trip would be full of fun and excitement, but I did not expect to be so ready to welcome our baby boy Gavin. I am truly blessed to see our family expand and be complete as four. 

Hopefully we have less than a month until Gavin is here. We keep guessing what he will look like and whose personality he will take on. What I am sure of is that he will be loved and welcomed in our Warren home. 








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