Last Month of Pregnancy

Hello my loves!

Wow, what a week it has been. Thank you all for your support during this time for my family and I. I by no means, want to make this situation light or unimportant, but I choose to be positive so I can help my husband and father-in-law during this time. At the same time, this pregnancy is NOW starting to weigh on me, literally. 

Days seem longer and my feet are significantly larger. I had all my energy up until this point, and now I know my body is telling me to slow down and enjoy these last few weeks. This could be my last pregnancy and our last few weeks as a family of three. 

So if you are in your last month of pregnancy, or just need a little pick me up, here are three tips I have for you to still enjoy it!


I used to think sleep wasn’t as important as most people claimed it was, but it is! My entire demeanor and appearance changes when I am sleep deprived. I have also asked my fellow mamas out there with children and all of them say “sleep NOW”. Adding another little to the bunch completely changes everything. I can’t thank my husband enough for allowing me adult naps now on most days. SLEEP. SLEEP. SLEEP.


Hmm where was I going with this? Oh that’s right pregnancy brain. Plan ahead and plan diligently. I have over 4 constant to-do lists on my phone at all times. Some are personal, work-related, for the blog, and for my family. This is the only way I can run at a constant speed and still be efficient. The days I have not planned have been unproductive and also unsatisfying. This may be my Capricorn nature, but everything needs to have a “ROI” (return on investment) and that includes  my overall day.


With hormones flaring up, I have to remind myself to do the little things that make me happy and keep me sane. For me that’s to maintain my skin care regimen fun and different. This makes me happy, keeps me relaxed, and it’s me time that my husband and daughter let me have each night. 


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