Gavin’s Birthday Cake Smash

Hello loves,

I can’t believe the time has come for us to celebrate Gavin’s first birthday! This sweet boy has completely changed our lives, and we can’t imagine a world without him. I don’t want to make this post too sappy because I’m already holding back the tears and contemplating having a glass of wine, so I’ll keep this as cheerful as I can. 

Today it hit me. Our little baby isn’t so little anymore.

He is on the move now more than ever. I sit here trying to hold back the (happy) tears just thinking about it. Once you have children, you see just how quickly time really does fly by. I still remember the day I knew I was going into labor and all of the thoughts that rushed through my head before Gavin was born.

Would my heart grow and allow there to be room for two?

How would being a boy’s mom compare to being a girl’s mom?

Silly, I know.  

Just look at those big brown eyes, how could my heart not grow?! Look at that warm smile, how could I not enjoy being a boy mom?!

Gavin Michael, you have made me whole. Whole as a mother, woman, and hopefully the friend you can one day confide in. I knew it from the instant I saw you that you were special and fierce. Your birth story may not have been the easiest or one I would wish to endure again, but you fought courageously and reminded me through each trial that you are strong. Even through some slight health concerns we had in the beginning, those big brown eyes and smile always remained. 

Gavin, I love the way you look at me. I love the way you growl at me for more food. I love the way you always want to be cuddled and held. I love the way you look at your dad and smile from ear to ear, and I love that “mum” was your first word. 

Happy first birthday, my big boy! Thank you for being such a blessing and a joy in our lives. We love you unconditionally. 

With love,


Special thank you to Arzu Photography for capturing these moments for us. All props and decor were purchased from Party City. Gavin’s outfit and Aubrey’s outfit were purchased on Amazon


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