Anniversary Celebrated in Houston, TX

Hello loves,

This year Kevin and I celebrated eight years together and our third wedding anniversary. This is our first anniversary as a family of four and we decided to have both a day and night celebration. During the day we decided to take the kiddos to the Houston Rodeo and spend the afternoon riding roller coasters and enjoying yummy fried food. The rodeo was packed as it’s always Spring Break during our anniversary and it seemed all the families in Houston had the same idea we did. Nonetheless, Aubrey enjoyed the rides and Gavin smiled along the entire time.

Later that evening, Kevin and I packed our bags and headed to Hotel Alessandra for our night alone! This hotel is exquisite and beautiful in every sense of the word. From the details on the walls, to the selection of interior colors, there was not a single disappointing aspect from either of our perspectives.

Once we placed everything in our room, we quickly went down stairs for dinner as we were pretty much starved at this point. If you’re a mom trying to get ready with little ones you understand the obstacles! Sometimes, I just forget to eat or skip eating all together or else we will never leave the house. Who is with me on that one?

But then to our surprise, the restaurant was empty. It was just the two of us. Yes, just Kevin and I and I could not have asked for a better gift. Sitting next to one another and sharing our goals and aspirations as individuals and as a couple always gets me excited. It is rare that we are able to enjoy those long in depth conversations without the toddler or baby interrupting. It was so nice.

We enjoyed a delicious six course meal, that was hand selected by the chef himself. I joked on my Instagram stories that after eight years Kevin had come a LONG way. When we first started dating, Kevin only ate chicken tenders. Now we were both enjoying a six course “surprise me” style dinner. After, a few toasts and goals added to the list we went back to our room and enjoyed the rest of our evening.

I want to thank Hotel Alessandra for an incredible evening and experience. We will definitely be back and have discussed our evening together several times sense. If you are in the Houston area or are visiting, I highly recommend this a great get away.

As always, thank you for stopping by and until next time!



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