Gavin’s Birth Story and First Weeks at Home

Hello loves!

It has been awhile and it feels so good to be back sharing an update of our newest addition to the family, Gavin Michael Warren! 

Gavin was born on August 16th at 1:32pm.  I wish I could say it was an easy and stress-free delivery but it was not.

The day before I had a feeling it would be delivery day. I woke up to a text from my husband that said “Today would be a good day if he (Gavin) came”.  I went about my regular routine and even ran some last minute errands before admitting myself into the hospital later that evening. I will say shopping at Ulta with contractions was very interesting and yet somehow soothing to be buying makeup haha. I guess I really do enjoy beauty products a little too much! 

After admitting myself into the hospital, I was quickly informed I would be staying and to call my husband as things would be progressing. Knowing how my body responded during my first delivery, I decided to tell my husband to continue coaching his workout class that evening and join me afterwards. I am glad I did so because it would be a long delivery from that point forward. 

In short, the epidural caused my blood pressure and oxygen levels to drop which had the nurses to eliminate the pitocin and stop the progression of labor. I then had to wait several hours for my water to be broken as a precaution. I did not experience this during the delivery of my daughter and the doctor is still unsure as to why my body responded that way. We later found out that Gavin was also turned the wrong way and it would make delivery even more difficult. I am thankful for the prayers my friends and loved ones had over our family. Luckily we were still able to have have Gavin normally and not proceed with a c-section. 

In my eyes, he is perfect. Despite the chaos the next few days would bring he is so sweet and calm. He rarely cries, only during baths, and he loves to cuddle with everyone. The next week had a few sad days in the hospital and as a mother my heart was broken. I can not thank my husband and daughter Aubrey enough for all they did. Having them around made everything better. 

So what now? Well, now we are home and in the middle of Hurricane Harvey. We are safe and again thankful. If there is one thing to be true about our family, it’s that together we are great and together we feel loved. 



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