My Microblading Experience

Hello loves! 

I finally took the plunge to do microblading on my eyebrows, and if you have been curious about doing it for yourself then keep reading!

To be honest, I have been researching microblading techniques and aestheticians that live in the Houston area for about 8 months now. I work in the beauty industry, and one of my favorite features on anyone is usually their eyebrows. I am truly fascinated with how you can alter anyone’s look with the right brow shape and products. 

I decided to go with Cristiano for my microblading session and I am so glad that I did! I found him on Instagram through a friend and really liked how natural his work was. Although I wanted a full and perfect brow, I also wanted my eyebrows to look natural without makeup or brow products on them when I’m bare faced. This was extremely important to me as I’ve seen several eyebrows that looked too harsh for my personal taste. 

Here’s a few before and after pictures from my session. I’ve also listed questions I had for myself before my appointment and other’s I’ve received from my Instagram stories. 

Was it painful?

My session was complete after three rounds on each eyebrow. The first round was the most painful, as the skin is being broken to allow the numbing cream to take affect for the following rounds. I do have a high pain tolerance and I did not find the first round or the other rounds to be painful at all. It felt like eyebrow threading and nail scratching. There were a few areas around the eyebrow bone that were a bit more painful even after the numbing cream that I felt. 

How long does the pigment last?

It truly depends on your skin type and like most things how well you maintain the upkeep throughout the healing process. Most microblading will last anywhere between 6 months-2 years. Because of the nature of pigment fading differently for everyone, you have the option for touch ups at any time. My microblading session includes a free 30 day touch up which is highly recommended.

How much was will it cost?

I was quoted anywhere between $200-$950. Most of this depends obviously on the aesthetician and their expertise or experience. I paid $400 for my service and I felt that it was reasonably priced. This does include my 30 day touch up and is $200 for an optional 6 month touch up afterwards. 

What shape will be best for my face?

I struggled with this one!!

Would thick brows still be in? Is too high of an arch not right for my face shape? What if I looked constantly confused haha.

Luckily, Cristiano measured my eyebrows to my face shape. Different aestheticians use different techniques, but I will say if they allow you to draw your own shape I would PASS and go to someone else. I believe I am pretty good at filling in my own eyebrows daily, but I still would not feel comfortable free-handing semi-permanent brows on my face. Especially how sleep deprived I am at the moment haha. 

I color my hair all the time, what shade should I do for my eyebrows?

Again, another question I felt uneasy about. I have been every possible hair shade under the sun and some more than once. I asked Cristiano what would be best for me, and his recommendation was to stay as close to your natural brow hair color as possible. 

My natural hair color is dark brown so I went with a dark brown shade that could easily work with any brunette or blonde shade I come up with next. 

How long will it take to heal?

This varies as it will for any procedure. The norm is 1-2 weeks depending on upkeep and how your skin heals.

I would suggest doing your microblading during a time you know you will be laying low for a bit as exercise, makeup, sweating, excessive heat, and washing your face the first few days is not recommended. 

Hence why I decided to do mine during my maternity leave! 🙂 It’s just me and the kiddos at home and I am unable to workout for another 4 weeks. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! This is just the beginning of my microblading experience. I will be sharing more on my Instagram stories with frequent updates. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to leave them down below 🙂



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