Dry Bones

Have you ever listened to a song for the first time and thought, "Wow, that's catchy!" The next day or so you catch yourself humming bits and pieces of the lyrics. Then, once you know all the words, that song just hits you.

Ultimate Savings Gift Guide

I am a very busy mom and online shopping is one the best ways for me to get the deals I want without all the fuss or headache that can come from shopping in person on Black Friday. This year more than ever I feel like the savings are starting earlier and are better than ever.

Hue Shampoo

I am often asked how I maintain my blonde hair to look so cool or ashy. As most of you know, I am Latin and my hair tends to pull red or brassy tones when I lighten my hair...We don't need a throwback Thursday or flashback Friday to show you some mishaps I've had along the way.